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February 25, 2015

Case involved a lawsuit on behalf of the new owners of Trinitas Golf Club (located in Valley Springs, California), against the Defendants, former owners Michael Nemee and Trinitas Enterprises, LLC. The lawsuit alleged that Nemee and Trinitas Enterprises had committed Trespass and Conversion against the new owners.

Tierney Law Group took the case to trial on behalf of the Plaintiffs in the Calaveras County Superior Court in July of 2014. The court issued a tentative decision in favor of the Plaintiffs on November 13, 2014, and issued a final statement of decision on December 31, 2014, affirming the decision.

The Plaintiffs’ purchased the 160 acre parcel of property in May of 2012 from the Community Bank of San Joaquin following a foreclosure. The property was the home of the Trinitas Golf Club which was forced to shut down following a legal battle with the Calaveras County.

After the Plaintiffs purchased the property, Defendants entered the property and removed a permanently affixed pump station and its components. The pump station supplied water to the entire property.
The trial court held that Defendants’ removal of the pump station was improper and found Defendant Michael Nemee and Trinitas Enterprises liable for conversion of the pump station. The trial court further held that evidence presented at trial by Plaintiffs entitled the Plaintiffs to recover the full replacement cost of the pump station and awarded Plaintiffs $244,968.67 in damages.

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