Tierney Law Group Obtains $56K for Medical Clinic

Tierney Law Group

Tierney Law Group represented Express Medicine Urgent Care, a medical clinic in Pleasanton, California. The case involved a claim for breach of contract. TEK Construction, the contractor hired by Express Medicine to complete construction on a new facility walked off the job and refused to complete the work in the fall of 2012. Express Medicine was forced to hire additional contractors to complete the work in time for the opening of their new medical clinic in January of 2013. TEK sued Express for not paying the full amount due under the contract and Express filed a cross-complaint against TEK for the cost of completing the project and other construction defects caused by TEK’s inferior work.

The court found that TEK was required to perform certain construction work in a timely manner and failed to do so. The court held that TEK’s failure to complete the job was unexcused and that Express incurred damages as a result of TEK’s breach of contract. The court awarded Express $56,303.58 in damages and TEK received nothing on its claim against Express.

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