Avoid These Parenting Mistakes During a Divorce

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Divorce can be a challenging time for all parties, especially with parenting mistakes. The last thing anyone should do is make it worse for the children because they are the ones who come out hurt the most in these unfortunate situations.

It hurts the younger children as much as the older teenagers, but the younger children are more vulnerable to the circumstances. They can easily be manipulated or damaged more with emotional scars to last a lifetime.

The Tierney Law Group is a law firm that handles family law and can assist either party in divorce cases. We are advocates for the best interest of the child involved. If there are any questions, contact us for a consultation.

Parenting Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce

The child should always come first, no matter how bitter the divorce may be. One of the common mistakes professionals see is parenting during a divorce process.

There are parenting mistakes to avoid during a divorce because these can cause emotional scars that can mess up childhood and lead to more significant life problems as they age.

  1. Avoid all negativity toward the other parent: Badmouthing the other parent can confuse a child and lead them astray from loving the other parent. It can and will destroy a relationship between the other parent and the child. It teaches the child not to forgive and live with hate instead of love.
  2. Do not justify the divorce: A parent should never try to explain the separation or divorce to the child, especially a minor, who can hardly understand the situation. The child has no business knowing the reason the divorce happened between the parents. It could also lead them to hate the other parent.
  3. Avoid being emotional in front of the children: This will stress out the child and cause them to feel helpless or like they did something wrong. This issue could cause anger toward the other parent because the child knows the other parent is the reason for the other parent being hurt.
  4. Leave the children out of the fight: Do not use the children as messengers. They are not pawns and should never be used as such.
  5. Pushing away the other parent: The other parent has a right to the child just as much as the other. Holding a grudge and keeping the other parent out of the child’s life damages their relationship and will backfire eventually.
  6. Do not lie to the child: No one knows the case’s outcome, so do not make promises to the child that cannot be kept. In other words, do not assume because if it doesn’t happen the way you told them, it becomes a lie at the end of the child. They may have difficulty trusting a parent who made the mistake of lying.

Working With a Pleasanton Divorce Mediation Attorney

A parent who honestly wishes to seek the best for the interest of their children will find an experienced Pleasanton, CA, divorce attorney who upholds the values of family law. A divorce attorney can advise the family based on the divorce process options which could be through litigation, mediation, and collaboration.

Traditional litigation is the most bitter for the child to go through. In this case, parents have difficulty agreeing, and it is tough for parents not to make the parenting mistakes mentioned earlier. In mediation and collaborative divorces, an attorney can work with the parents to come up with a plan that works for the entire family going through a divorce. The Tierney Law Group has a Pleasanton divorce mediation attorney to help the couple avoid causing too much damage to the children. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our attorney, and know the best action to take for your child’s protection.

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