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March 21, 2023

Divorce is a messy, complicated affair. You are essentially carving up the life that you and your former partner built together and deciding who gets what. Lawyers are an inevitability in this process, but how you use them to go about the divorce can vary. One way that comes highly recommended is divorce mediation. If you are considering CA divorce mediation, here are a few of the main benefits of that route, and how Tierney Law Group can help.

Saves Money Compared to Litigation

Divorce, more than being emotionally taxing, is also very expensive. Divorce via litigation will set you back an average of $15,000 or more. By contrast, divorce via mediation will only cost an average of $1,500. This is the far more cost-effective option for divorce proceedings, which will soften the blow of the later expenses of supporting two households. 

Makes The Process Less Stressful

Divorce, even in the best of scenarios, can be a stressful process. Emotions are running high, the process can be complicated even with a competent lawyer helping you, and the financial strain it leaves you with can add up to turn the whole thing into a nightmare. However, a divorce mediator’s job is to cover every part of your case, including parts that you likely didn’t know needed to be handled, reducing stress down the line. Granted, this requires the pre-requisite of the divorce being mutually agreed upon by both married parties, and that isn’t always the case, but if you and your partner have both agreed that it isn’t working, divorce by mediation is the least stressful version. 

Mediation Is A Private, More Personal Experience

The American court system is a vast hive of courts and committees and subcommittees. Going into a divorce court can be a daunting experience, as this thing, you’re going through, likely the most important thing in your life right now is an average workday for everyone else in the process. It’s easy to feel unimportant or even patronized, as your story is told to ears that have definitely heard a version of it before. Going for Pleasanton divorce mediation, on the other hand, will result in a more personal experience, tailored to your specific circumstances. A mediator will hear your story and comb through every aspect of it to find the best possible solution. 

Another drawback with divorce by litigation is that, since it is handled in a public courtroom, anyone can sit in the audience and hear every embarrassing private detail of you and your former spouse’s lives. Mediation, however, is private, and barring specific extreme circumstances, what is said between you and your mediator will stay confidential. 

Divorcing Via Mediation Removes Later Legal Battles

The law is complex, and thus has many ways for a person to circumvent or even outright ignore a court ruling that they didn’t like. However, as stated previously, mediation is a process that requires both parties to be active, willing participants. And while that, sadly, cannot be the case for every couple seeking a divorce, for the ones that want to part on good terms, mediation will help both parties find the most satisfactory conclusion for everyone. 

It’s Easier on Your Children

Being a child of divorce can be a rough formative experience. To a child, their parents are one of the foundations of their limited understanding of the world, a foundation which divorce will inevitably shatter. Litigation is an inherently adversarial approach, where tensions and emotions run high, which will only make it worse for your children. Mediation, by contrast, will soften the blow for your children through its more cooperative and mutually beneficial approach to divorce. 

California divorce mediation is not for every situation, but it should be employed if possible, for its many benefits over litigation. So if you’re looking for Pleasanton divorce mediation, Tierney Law Group is here to help you.