Beware of the $599 Living Trust!

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If you have been inundated with mailers and ads offering revocable living trusts at incredibly low prices, it is time to proceed with caution. Caveat Emptor – Let the buyer beware!

In our practice, we frequently encounter clients who have purchased these discounted plans, only to discover that what they thought they were getting is not quite what they end up with. More often than not, their concerns are valid. Upon closer inspection, these plans often do not align with their true intentions for their estate. In some extreme cases, critical details such as beneficiaries are omitted entirely.

The primary aim of these bargain-bin offerings is not to provide you with a comprehensive estate plan, but rather to rope you into purchasing additional financial products like annuities. I recently heard a troubling anecdote from a friend about someone who felt pressured into investing in an annuity during a sales pitch, feeling trapped in the room until they relented. It is crucial to recognize that in most cases, you are dealing with a salesperson peddling financial products, not an attorney genuinely invested in securing your family’s future.

As Pleasanton estate planning attorneys, our priority is ensuring that your estate plan safeguards you in the event of incapacity and simplifies the administration of your estate after you pass, all without the need for lengthy court proceedings.

Attorneys are often referred to as “attorney and counselor at law” for a reason. While drafting technically sound documents is essential, understanding your unique circumstances is equally vital. A seasoned estate planning attorney can provide invaluable guidance on sensitive matters, such as providing for a child or elderly parent with special needs without jeopardizing government benefits, ensuring fair distribution of assets among your children, appointing suitable guardians for minors, and protecting inheritances from creditors and reckless spending. A hastily assembled discount plan simply cannot offer the same level of tailored care and attention.

Many assume that estate planning is straightforward, only to discover that their circumstances require personalized solutions. Without the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney, it is easy to overlook critical considerations. Investing a bit more upfront to ensure your plan is meticulously crafted is far preferable to facing costly legal battles down the line, potentially burdening your loved ones with unnecessary expenses. Remember, you will not be there to resolve the issues or maintain harmony among your heirs. Don’t your loved ones deserve the peace of mind that comes with a properly executed estate plan?

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