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In cases of divorce where there are children involved, it becomes inevitable that the issue of custody is raised. Regardless of how amicable the relationship of the divorcing parents are, the court must still legally determine which parent gets physical custody of the child or children involved.

In this case, it becomes very important to consult with a Pleasanton Child Custody Attorney so that each parent may know their options, and what their situation means for the child.

Best Interest Defined

When it comes to determining child custody, the court will take in consideration, first and foremost, the so-called Best Interest of the child.

Essentially, Best Interest is the standard used by the court to determine where the child should be placed. If you are going through divorce and would like to win custody over your child, then it’s crucial that you consult with a Pleasanton child custody lawyer at the earliest possible instance.

There are various factors and circumstances that the court takes into consideration when determining the child’s best interest. Below are some of the more pertinent ones that your divorce attorney Pleasanton CA can help with.

Establish Emotional Ties Between Parent and Child

The bond between parent and child is one of the main things that the court will closely scrutinize in determining custody. The court will prefer to award custody to the parent that is most physically present and emotionally connected to the child.

Divorces can be very traumatic for children, so it is crucial that they are able to stay with the parent who will be accessible to the child, especially in terms of emotional support.

That is why the process of divorce mediation Pleasanton CA is a helpful process that can help ease the tensions and facilitate a more amicable proceeding for the couple involved. The less friction there is between the parents, the softer the blow could be for the children caught in the middle.

Financial Capacity

Another factor taken into consideration is the financial capacity of the parents vying for custody. It is typically in the best interests of the child to be provided with their basic needs, from home to education to health.

While family law Pleasanton CA does make room for child support arrangements, financial capacity still carries a significant weight in deciding custody because this directly impacts the child’s care and welfare.

In certain cases, the Pleasanton uncontested divorce lawyer can help the couple come to an arrangement wherein the bigger earner between the two can provide the child support while the other parent who is more emotionally bonded to the child can get physical custody.

Done right, this can be an ideal situation for all parties involved, especially where the financially supporting parent is going to prefer to move out of state or country.

Show Parenting Plan

Another way to show viability for best interest is through a comprehensive parenting plan to show to the court. It is very important for the court to see that the parent is actually willing and able to spend quality time with the child.

This also helps establish the emotional bond between parent and child, as the tendency is for children to become more attached to the parent they are always with.

Character Reference

Getting credible individuals to vouch for your character can also help your case for winning child custody. This could include the child’s grandparents, a family friend, the child’s nursery teacher, or anybody else who might be able to provide more insights as to how you are as a parent.

Practices focusing on areas of divorce and family law, such as Tierney Law Group, can help you build a more confident case for gaining custody of your child.

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