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Custody Rights of Military Members in California

The custody rights of our brave men and women serving in combat are important to fight for. A Pleasanton child custody attorney will be happy to work on a case like this for someone in need. They understand that people often don’t have the time to go through everything they need to in court to get through the process. However, with a Pleasanton child custody lawyer, they can certainly make a lot more progress than they otherwise would have.

Temporary Changes To Custody Due To Military Service

It is possible that a child custody attorney Pleasanton CA will need to help make some temporary changes to a child custody plan because one parent or the other is intended to serve in the military. When that kind of thing happens, it is important that the court gets to hear the case from the child custody lawyer Pleasanton CA about how the custody plan needs to be changed. That is the time when the court can take factors like this into account and make progress on getting things set straight for their clients.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

There are special laws in place that may provide relief to service members who need to request leave from the service in the midst of emergency custody or divorce situation. A Pleasanton CA military divorce attorney can help those servicemembers get the leave that they need so they can handle the issues that are going on back at home without worrying about how it might impact their military service. The reality of the situation is that they need to have the opportunity to get out of the service that they have agreed to come back home and take care of the situation brewing at home. It provides them with some peace of mind because it means that they don’t have to choose between their family obligations and the commitment they have made to the military. They know for certain that they can handle things from both sides.

Can a parent modify a custody order due to military duty?

Yes, a parent can use their Pleasanton CA military child custody attorney to help get an order modified on their child custody arrangement. People do this all the time to make sure they are able to help take care of and parent their children. They may want to look at ways that they can work with the court to see what steps they need to take in order to get an order that protects them and their interests like this. It is just part of getting the full service of options open to them so they can step up and help take care of their children. It is critical that military members can get the help that they need in these types of situations so they are left in the lurch trying to figure out what to do about their children.

Treating Your Case With Compassion And Care

Here at the Tierney Law Group, we are all about treating your case with the compassion and care that it deserves. We believe that all people are deserving of getting the most help possible to be able to see their children and take care of them. We don’t want anyone to ever feel that they have to be stuck in a situation because of their military service. Thus, we are happy to go before the court and argue your case until we get the result that you deserve. If that sounds ideal to you, we will help you get that done today.

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