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March 06, 2020

When persons share a child in common, it is important to setup a child support agreement. Conflict related to child support and children’s expenses frequently arise when there is not a defined agreement in effect. To reduce the chance of conflict and to ensure that you have a legal and complete agreement, contact Tierney Law Group to speak with a Dublin CA family law attorney.

What should be included in a child support agreement?

A child support agreement should be clearly defined so each party understands their rights and obligations. The amount of child support depends upon several factors, including each parent’s income, the custody schedule and other relevant issues. Determining the amount of child support that should be paid requires reliance upon the legal standards and guidelines. An attorney can help you determine what amount is appropriate.

After determining the amount of child support, there are other issues that should be clarified. This may include:

• When child support is due

• How child support is to be paid

• Allocation of medical expenses for the child

• Daycare, school and extra-curricular activity costs

• How support changes when children reach the age of majority

• Issues related to special needs

How can an attorney help?

Because attorneys understand the law and have experience enforcing child support agreements, they know how to draft child support agreements that are complete and legal. An attorney will help you prepare an agreement that is specific to your situation. They will ensure that the terms are legally enforceable and clear. This will reduce the chance of conflict resulting from confusion about the agreement.

A Dublin CA family law attorney from Tierney Law Group can help you with your child support questions. We are experienced with creating child support agreements and can provide you with legal advice.