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April 03, 2020

When a couple divorces, amongst the most pertinent issues necessitating resolution is the well-being of their minor children. Typically, parting spouses either amicably agree or are obliged to adhere to a court ordered parenting plan detailing issues like where the youths in question will live at a given time, visitation schedules and other crucial matters related to their care. 

In certain instances, either parent might request an amendment to this established order. Contra Costa County residents are encouraged to contact a divorce lawyer Sam Ramon CA when facing this situation. The Tierney Law Group invites interested parties to read the following brief piece answering the inquiry regarding the potential amendment to a child custody order. 

Appealing For An Amendment

Either parent has the legal right to ask the court for changes to the mandate. That said, however, the individual making the request must demonstrate that a significant alteration to previous circumstances occurred that warrants the proposed changes and that any such action serve the best interests of the children in question. 

The Process

A specific process must be followed to amend a child custody order. The first step is the completion of a Request For Order form in which the applicant will be required to clearly document the reasons for the request. If the request is part of a new proposed parenting plan, such documentation should be included with the form. 

After the necessary paperwork is completed and compiled, copies should be made and administered to both parties and the presiding court. When papers are filed with a court clerk, said professional will likely give the applicant a court or mediation date. At the meeting date, an adjudicating body will render a final decision. 

The Importance Of Retaining A Lawyer’s Services

Hiring a divorce lawyer Sam Ramon CA could prove vital to this process. Said professional can help the applicant address any underlying issues in need of addressing, author an amendment that is amenable to both parties and ensure that the requester’s paperwork is completed and in order. Individuals yearning to amend an existing child custody mandate are encouraged to contact the Tierney Law Group. More information about our firm and the services we provide can be found by accessing Tierney Law Group.