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September 14, 2021

Child Support Modification

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging experiences that someone can ever go through. Not only is it the end of a significant relationship, but a couple going through a divorce will need to determine a way to split assets and handle their once-shared responsibilities. One part of this includes figuring out child custody and support payments. For those in the area, a child support lawyer in Pleasanton CA could help you determine and receive a fair child support settlement or judgment. However, there could come a time when it is clear that the required child support payments need to be modified. If you are in need of a child support modification, it is important to understand what qualifies as a reason to receive a modification and how it can be done. 

Reasons for Child Support Modification

There are several situations that can result in a valid modification of child support payments. One of these situations is if child custody changes. The child custody schedule will be determined during the divorce process. However, if this schedule changes and one parent needs to take on more or less of the responsibility, it makes sense to alter the payments. If your custody situation has changed, receiving a payment modification makes sense as well. 

It can also make sense if there is a change in income. Child support payments will be set to ensure they provide support for the child but also are affordable for both parents. If one, or both, of the parents receive a drastic increase or decrease in income, it could qualify as a reason to modify your child support payments. Going along with this, if there are drastic increases that come with providing support for the child, it could be a good reason to modify the required payments. 

How to Modify Child Support Payments

Whether you are the parent paying or receiving the child support, you always have a chance to have the payment modified. There are several ways you can go about doing this. One way is by trying to settle with your former spouse. This is often the most efficient way to handle a payment change. If you do come to a fair settlement, it is important to discuss it with your Pleasanton CA child support attorney to have it formally documented and approved. 

If you do not come to a fair resolution, going through the California child support services is another option. With the help of your child support modification lawyer in California, you can receive the support you need to file a modification claim. When filing a modification claim, you will need to provide a reason for the modification and various pieces of information including your paycheck stubs, documented expenses, and other data that shows a need to change the required payment. 

How Can an Attorney Help

If you need to have your child support payments modified, calling a Pleasanton CA child support modification attorney is always a good idea. These legal professionals can provide a range of services, which will start with a consultation. During the consultation, they will help you determine if you qualify for a modification and give insight into what the new payment should be. The attorney can then help you properly file a legal modification request and handle any appeals of negotiations that are bound to arise. 

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