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January 07, 2022

The end of a marriage and divorce doesn’t have to be a negative experience. A divorce can be a new beginning for a family. In fact, there are many ways a divorce can have a positive impact on everyone involved. The Tierney Law Group is here to help you learn how to make a new start following divorce. 

New Year, New Beginnings Following Divorce

The period following divorce is a time for you to think about your life and allow everything to resonate. This is also a time to rediscover who you are and in what direction you want your life to go.  Are there things you need to do to make yourself a better, well-rounded person? 

Now is the time to get yourself in the right mindset to answer these questions in a positive manner. This is also a time to think back on your married life and make new decisions as an individual person. A Pleasanton divorce attorney can assist in making decisions about what course of action is best for your unique situation. 

New Outlook on Your Life Status

After the finalization of your divorce, one of the biggest new beginnings is your marital status. You are no longer considered part of a couple. You are now an individual, a “single” person. Everything you do from now on is completely up to you– from where you live to what you have for dinner. Instead of working on a dead-end relationship, you can now expend that energy on yourself and your children’s needs. Going through a divorce also enables us to work on our skills for coping and making them stronger. 

Learning How to Co-Parent

If you have children, divorce can be difficult, even if it is an uncontested one. If the two of you are able to work and talk through things, you can avoid an expensive litigation trial. We have Pleasanton Divorce Mediation attorneys who assist in making fair decisions for everyone involved. The lawyers work with each party to ensure an amicable agreement is reached regarding child custody, visitation, and support. 

There are a number of child custody arrangements: 

  • Sole and legal physical custody 
  • Joint legal and physical custody 
  • Sole legal and joint physical custody

Joint legal and physical custody is normally the one most couples opt for. There is also the option in which one parent has sole legal custody and both share physical custody. We provide divorce mediation Pleasanton CA residents depend on to reach a fair custody arrangement. 

A New Relationship Between You and Your Ex-Spouse

When you hire a Pleasanton uncontested divorce attorney at the Tierney Law Group, you get compassionate legal assistance. We understand that you both are entering into untreated waters, and the future is unknown. Financial security is a big concern, we have the resources and expertise to assist you in meeting your goals. 

Although the two of you are no longer spouses, you both are still a team, particularly if you have children. You need to ensure your new household is healthy, focus on providing them with positive influences. Keep in mind two healthy households are better than the toxic one you are leaving behind. 

How an Attorney can Help

A Pleasanton uncontested divorce lawyer believes in pre-planning to help you understand all facts and possible outcomes of your case. Your Pleasanton divorce lawyer recommends, as part of the pre-planning process, you gather as much financial information you can. This will aid your attorney in getting a fair settlement and outcome. 

If your marriage has reached the point of no return, contact a divorce attorney Pleasanton residents trust. Call the Tierney Law Group at 925-362-3364, schedule a consultation appointment, and learn how your divorce can be a new beginning to your life.