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July 15, 2022

Marriage is a sacred union between two people. However, sometimes that union is not completely legal. As with the cases of a minor marriage (without the content of a legal guardian) or fraud. If you need an annulment in California, the Tierney Law Group can help.

Grounds for an Annulment

In California, there are a few grounds for requesting the annulment of a marriage. One reason for an annulment in CA is you are not at least eighteen years of age when the marriage occurred. Another reason is if one of you commits fraud to get the other to agree to the marriage. In cases of fraud, it must be the core of the union.

Why Would an Annulment Get Denied?

Annulments are not always approved by a judge. If one or both of you got married to another person at the time of marriage, it could be one reason for denial. Another is if the marriage was forcibly done, or either one of you and your partner coerced the other into the union. Also, if either of you and your partner got involved in partaking in fraudulent activity when the marriage took place. The Tierney Law Group will let you know if your marriage qualifies for annulment or not during your initial consultation interview.

At the Tierney Law Group, we are a Pleasanton CA family law attorney that cares. We understand there are many emotions involved in the break-up of a marriage. Whether it is a divorce or annulment, a lot is at stake. An attorney can help sort through the legalities, assisting you to navigate with the least amount of stress possible. Your attorney can explain the process of how long an annulment takes in California. When your happily ever after becomes something you did not plan for, call the Tierney Law Group and schedule a consultation for an annulment appointment with one of our caring attorneys.