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December 21, 2021

Many divorced parents don’t consider vacation planning when they file for divorce. But vacations for children shouldn’t end when parents go separate ways. There is a procedure divorced parents in California should follow when taking their children on holiday vacations. 

Do you know it?

This article tells you which details you need to pay attention to, and how a lawyer can help you. There are stipulations that govern a custody order that you and your ex-spouse must follow to take a child on vacation. A seasoned attorney like family law attorney Pleasanton will ensure that you give your children a vacation without breaking any stipulation of the law. 

How divorce affects holiday vacations

Divorcing affects couples and children in many ways. Like when a child find it hard to adapt to new changes. Why? Because before couples go through a divorce, children were used to having both parents on each holiday vacation. Suddenly, children have to get used to only vacationing without mom or dad, which they may find emotionally draining for them. 

In most cases, family vacations tend to coincide with extended school holidays. Unfortunately, the custody schedules are not specific, and they rarely accommodate vacations. It only becomes glaringly apparent when one parent tries to take children on holiday. But a child vacation planning can make things easy for you and your ex-spouse. Children will be caught in the middle of this and not go on holidays because of their parent’s lack of planning. That’s where a Pleasanton child custody attorney comes in handy. 

What to take into consideration

It would be best if you considered certain things when setting up a parenting schedule. First, you need to think about your spouse’s religion, whether the spouse celebrates a holiday like Christmas. This may require that you and your ex-spouse accommodate each other’s different beliefs for the sake of children. For instance, your spouse should respect that you celebrate certain holidays and allow you to take children on holidays that you observe. 

Additionally, Summer vacation is longer than other breaks for children. Divorced parents have to find a way to divide this period between them. For example, you may take a child for only two weeks and allow your ex-spouse to keep a child for the other two weeks. But you must ensure that this information is in your divorce agreement. A Child Custody Attorney in Pleasanton CA can help draft a well-rounded divorce agreement. 

What type of modifications you can make

The good news is you can modify your divorce agreement to accommodate holiday vacations. You have an option of making a temporary or permanent modification. A Holiday Child Custody Attorneys in Pleasanton can help you increase, decrease the number of days. Lawyers will also negotiate alterations on your behalf. They will also talk to your ex-spouse and the kids to find out if you can take children on holiday. Let’s say you want to appeal a divorce agreement; they will be there to appeal it for you too. 

Which avenues are open to you to modify a divorce agreement? 

Open avenues include mediation, negotiation, appeal, etc. 

According to California Courts, divorced parents can use the avenues to modify a divorce agreement. While this is true, you should consider the following:  

  • You and your spouse should be on the same page concerning the modification.
  • The modification should be in the best interest of children.

If mediation is not in the best interest of your children, modifying your custody order may take a full-blown court trial. Here again, you will need a Holiday Child Custody modifications Pleasanton divorce lawyer to represent you. 

If you are looking for a lawyer, reach out to us. We have Holiday Child Custody Modifications Pleasanton divorce lawyer that can help you. Alternatively, there is a Divorce attorney Pleasanton that can help you.