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August 18, 2021

A family law attorney has an important role during a divorce. Not only does your attorney know the law and help you navigate your legal rights, but they are also your confidant and advocate.

You and your family law attorney will work together in complete confidence. California rules of ethics govern lawyers and ensure that complete confidence is kept and confidentiality is strictly followed. That means, all of your communications with your family law attorney are privileged and kept confidential.

Your Family law attorney will also be able to help you understand and navigate the law and court system. Your attorney has the job of legal counselor and should provide you with objective advice. When going through a divorce in California, you do not necessarily want an attorney who will just agree with you, you want to hear where your positions are strongest and weakest.

Some family law attorneys will just tell you what you want to hear, be extremely cautious with attorneys like this – they just want your business. If a potential family law makes you feel comfortable but also helps you to understand your position objectively, that might be the right family law attorney for you.

Your attorney should be your strongest advocate. It is important that your attorney adequately convey points that are important to you. A divorce really is not much different than a typical lawsuit. Your lawyer should be a zealous advocate and ensure your voice is heard loud and clear within the confines of California law.

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