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April 10, 2020

Handling a divorce without legal help can be difficult for many reasons. Spouses who may be under a significant amount of stress during this process can find themselves overwhelmed with legal details as well as emotional tension. Hiring a Pleasanton CA family law attorney from Tierney Law Group can help keep you safe during a turbulent divorce.

Am I Safe During A Divorce?

Each divorce is different. While some divorces can be handled amicably, many times emotions run high which can lead to impulsive decisions. In some cases, one spouse may harass, stalk or even abuse the other during a divorce. Filing a restraining order can help protect you and your children from potentially dangerous behavior.

What Is A Restraining Order?

There are various kinds of restraining orders depending on the situation. Our Law Group is an experienced firm that can handle high intense situations with precision and accuracy. 

A restraining order will prohibit the person in question from visiting the home or workplace of the person who filed the order. If the restraining order is violated, there can be serious consequences including possible fines or even incarceration. 

The Importance of Getting A Restraining Order

A tumultuous divorce can potentially lead to an escalation in abusive behavior. While not all divorces include domestic abuse, some do. Downplaying the threat or act of domestic abuse is an incredibly risky choice for both you and any children involved in the divorce. 

Domestic abuse includes throwing objects, harassment, breaking into the home, stalking and more. With the help of Tierney Law Group, filing a restraining order can ensure future safety for you and your family.

Why Hire A Pleasanton CA Family Law Attorney?

Depending on the state you live in, the process for filing a restraining order can vary. The timing and type of restraining order frequently makes a difference when navigating the divorce process. Handling an issue as important as safety should be made with care and attention. Professional attorneys at Tierney Law Group can help you safely navigate your divorce with accuracy.