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November 13, 2020

Disputes involving child custody can often arise during the holidays. Because parents cherish their time with family during the holidays, each wants to try and maximize their custodial time. If there is not a clear custody agreement or order, then one parent may have their time limited. To avoid holiday child custody issues, you should contact a Pleasanton CA family law attorney. 

How are holidays divided between parents? 

If parents who are separated or divorced do not have a custody agreement or order, then the law does not specify which parent gets the children for the holidays. This can often lead to disagreement and conflict, which can be detrimental to your children. A Pleasanton divorce & family law attorney can help you obtain a custody agreement that is valid and legally enforceable. 

If parents agree to a custody arrangement, then it should be memorialized in writing. To ensure that an agreement is legally enforceable, the agreement should also be entered as a court order. By making it a court order, there will be consequences if one of the parties chooses not to honor the agreement. 

If parents cannot agree on a holiday schedule, then the issue can be decided in court. When a judge determines what holiday schedule to order, they must consider the best interest of the children. In many situations, this will result in holiday time being divided in the same way. This could include dividing holidays into parts or alternating which parent the children will be with on an annual basis. 

What should be included in a holiday parenting plan? 

A child custody holiday schedule should contain sufficient details so as to avoid any confusion. Each parent should clearly understand when their holiday time begins and ends. The holiday schedule should be set up in such a manner as to allow each parent to know in advance where the kids will be. This will allow the parents to plan and make arrangements for each holiday. 

How can parents help their children during the holidays? 

Holidays can be difficult for children with separated parents. This is especially true if the divorce or separation is recent. To help your children enjoy the holiday time, consider the following tips: 

  • Encourage the children to communicate with the other parent
  • Try to maintain traditions
  • Spend meaningful time with your children
  • Involve them in the holiday festivities
  • Have a plan for the holidays
  • Minimize conflict with the other parent

How can an attorney help with child custody holiday issues?

Every family situation is unique. Because of this, you should seek out the advice of a Pleasanton family law attorney. A Pleasanton CA child custody attorney can help fashion a holiday parenting plan that is specific to your situation and family needs. We will help you understand your options and provide advice about the best way to proceed. 

If you already have a child custody holiday agreement or order, then a Pleasanton CA child custody lawyer can help you interpret and enforce the order. We will help protect your rights and hold the other parent responsible if they have wrongfully infringed on your holiday time with your children. 

A Pleasanton CA divorce attorney will provide answers to your child custody questions and help you know how to proceed if issues arise. If a court appearance is needed, then we will represent you in court and advocate for your position on the matter. 

For assistance with child custody issues and holiday visitation questions, contact our experienced team at Tierney Law Group. We look forward to helping you.