How to Protect Your Relationship with Your Child during Custody Decisions

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When a couple divorces, the law stipulates who will take custody of the child as well as the conditions under which the other parent will visit the child or children.

In most cases, the two parents come into an agreement between themselves or with the help of a mediator or an attorney. But if they are unable to agree, the court makes a decision that’s in the best interest of the child or children.

You need the help of a good Pleasanton CA family law attorney to be able to influence the case in your favor.

Physical custody is normally granted to one of the parents. However, both parents still share legal custodial rights such as making important decisions about the child’s education and healthcare among others.

For example, if one parent is granted physical custodial rights, the other parent is awarded visitation rights. It is upon the two parents to come up with a schedule of dates and times convenient for both of them.

If they can’t agree, then the court will be forced to intervene and create a visitation schedule. This is where the services of a Pleasanton divorce and family law attorney come in handy.

Joint and split custody

Sometimes parents may decide to go for a joint-custody arrangement where the children spend equal amounts of time with each parent. Courts are often reluctant to issue joint custody orders considering the fact that it requires a high level of cooperation between the two parents.

The other alternative is split custody. This is where the two parents decide to split custody of their children. Nonetheless, courts usually avoid separating siblings when granting custody orders.

In case the parents of a child or children are unmarried, most state laws dictate that sole custody of the child be granted to the mother. Sometimes the decision can be reversed depending on the argument presented by your Pleasanton family law attorney.

There are several factors that the court will always look at when deciding a child custody case.

However, the overriding factor is usually what’s in the best interest of the child in question. The judge or judges will also try to find out who has been taking care of the child. In case the child is of age, the court will also use his or her preference to arrive at a decision.
Tips on how to keep the relationship with the child while custody decisions are being made

1.Set anger and hurtful feelings aside

To be able to reach an amicable co-parenting decision, you must set your anger and hate aside. Remember your child has nothing to do with what separated the two of you. It is important to set aside strong feelings and cooperate with your partner for the sake of your child.

2.Communicate well with your co-parent

Communication is key when it comes to making child custody decisions. If the two of you are not comfortable meeting and talking with each other, then you should hire a child custody attorney in Pleasanton CA to facilitate communication.

3.Work as a team

You may have all the reasons not to talk to or cooperate with your co-parent during the court process. But for the sake of your child, you just need to swallow your pride and work together for the good of your child or children.

You can also seek advice from a child custody lawyer in Pleasanton CA on how the two of you can work best.

4.Come up with a visitation schedule that’s convenient for both of you

Be considerate of each other when creating a visitation schedule. In case you are finding it difficult to agree on certain things, you can consult a Pleasanton family lawyer for guidance.

Why a lawyer is important

Child custody cases can be complex and protracted. You need an experienced lawyer from Tierney Law Group or any other law firm to handle the case.

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