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May 15, 2020

If you are purchasing a home and have run into legal issues, it is in your best interest to consult with and retain the finest real estate attorney in Pleasanton CA – the Tierney Law Group.

Real estate transactions are complex and the contracts themselves contain terms and conditions that may be wholly unfamiliar to the parties. Transactions move at a rapid pace and, when things go wrong, only the steady hand of an experienced attorney can get them back on track.

If you are selling your home and there is an issue with your buyer’s ability to close, with the home inspection or the buyer’s mortgage, you are best served to have an attorney review your case. Similarly, if you are buying a home and have run into an issue with the mortgage, home inspection, title insurance, appraisal, survey or other matter, your first phone call should be to the Tierney law group.

Whether you are selling or buying your home, the contract of sale is the authority when it comes to the terms and conditions that control the obligations of the parties. Quite often, real estate agents have form contracts signed by the parties at the outset of a transaction. If you have run into an issue with your real estate transaction, retaining a real estate attorney in Pleasanton CA Is a wise move.

Attorneys are trained to handle the inns and outs of real estate transactions on a daily basis. Concepts that may be foreign to you such as title insurance, loan disclosures, home inspection matters and closing costs are routine for real estate attorneys. If you have encountered an issue with any aspect of your real estate transaction, contact the Tierney law group and schedule a consultation to review your entire case today so that your interests may be best protected and your rights and remedies explained to you in a courteous and professional manner.