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March 20, 2020

Spousal separation is best done with legal counsel. Informal separation, where a couple lives apart is not the same as a legal separation. A legal separation is formally recognized by a court and will usually involve attorneys. Hiring a divorce attorney in Pleasanton CA can greatly impact the ease of handling a legal separation. 

What Is Legal Separation?

A legal separation is an agreement between both spouses that specifies how living arrangements will be handled. Finances, assets, children and even household chores can be discussed. A legal separation details the responsibilities each spouse has in regards to family, income and benefits. After the couple comes to an agreement, a motion is filed with the local court so that a judge can approve the legal separation. 

Why Is Legal Counsel Important?

Unlike divorce, a legal separation does not end the marriage. Because the marriage is in tact, some couples choose to navigate the system on their own. This can have financial and custodial ramifications. Seeking counsel from Tierney Law Group can help you to avoid future mistakes. 

During a legal separation, property, debts, alimony and even child custody can be determined. Although these are issues that can be legally debated in court, both spouses are entitled to certain benefits. Depending on the reasons for separation, social security benefits and health insurance coverage can be sorted out with legal counsel. 

When To Seek Legal Counsel

A legal separation can cause emotions to run high. Even when couples decide on a trial separation, the family unit and future may seem uncertain. By receiving legal counsel, you can receive the benefits you need without resorting to tense personal arguments that may have no relevance to the actual case.

What Does a Good Separation Look Like?

The definition of success for a legal separation is different for every couple. By hiring a divorce attorney in Pleasanton CA, you can discover all the options available. Some couples want a trial separation to spend time apart while they work on fixing the marriage. Others are required to legally separate before filing for a divorce. Depending on the priorities of each spouse, a good separation can mean different outcomes. To best understand what is possible, Tierney Law Group can help you navigate a legal separation.