Business Contract Dispute attorney in Pleasanton

If you have entered into an agreement for the purchase of goods or services, you expect that all parties will keep their word and abide by the terms of the agreement. When one or more of the parties to your contract fails to perform as anticipated, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests, one who has successfully helped others in similar circumstances.

At Tierney Law Group, we represent businesses and individuals in a wide range of contract matters, including breach of contract and anticipatory repudiation claims.

What Makes A Contract Valid?

Two or more parties can enter into a binding contract without any complex legal language or anything in writing. Contracts can be oral or written, and can be express or implied. The minimum requirements for a binding contract are straight forward and fairly simple, they include:

  • An agreement (generally referred to as an offer & acceptance) between two or more people;
  • Supported by consideration. Consideration refers to promising to do something that you are not obligated to do or refraining from doing something that you have a legal right to do. Consideration must be mutual. This generally requires each party to give up something as such, a promise to provide a gift does not qualify as a valid contract even if it is in writing;
  • The parties entering into the agreement must intend to be bound and must have the mental capacity to understand that they are entering into a binding contract; and
  • The purpose of the contract must be legal.

We handle all types of contract disputes and claims for Plaintiffs and Defendants. For additional information Email or call Pleasanton CA Business Lawyers at 925-362-3364 for a consultation.

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