Setting up a parenting plan and schedule when the child in question is an infant is always a challenging thing to do. Most parents want to work with the other parent as much as possible, but it is not always easy to get past the emotional aspects of a divorce and parenting plan, and that is why a Pleasanton child custody attorney is likely necessary in these situations. What a Pleasanton infant custody attorney can do for you is make sure your right to see your infant child is protected. 

When you hire a Pleasanton baby parenting plan attorney they will step in to work with you and with the other side to come up with an agreement that satisfies the desires of all sides to have both parents play a role in the life of their infant child. Obviously, both parents want to be in their child’s life, and it is only fair that the courts step in to create something that will allow for that to happen in a fair and equitable way. Otherwise, one side or the other will feel that they have been cheated out of one of the most precious things that they get to have in life (time with their child). 

Given all of this, it is clear that the Tierney Law Group is the resource that you should trust to help you work on building a parenting plan with the other side to make sure everyone can get what they need out of this situation. It is still going to be hard to deal with all of the emotional baggage that comes with trying to come up with a parenting plan with your former spouse, but at least you can work through a lawyer to help develop the plan. With any luck, you and the other side will make an agreement that you can all live with. That is the hope and the goal, and that is what Tierney Law Group can help make into a reality for you. 

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