collaborative Divorce and mediation

Contrary to what you might read in the celebrity news headlines, a divorce need not be a battle, nor a divorcee court, a battlefield. The details of a divorce can be settled outside of a courtroom. Suppose you’re facing a divorce and want to reach and maintain a respectful, cordial relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. In that case, you may want to look into two options, collaborative divorce or mediation.

What Is a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a four-party process involving both parties and their attorneys. If you decide on collaborative divorce, you and your partner will need to find your divorce attorney in Pleasanton CA, or wherever you happen to reside. The four of you will then schedule a series of meetings in which issues like custody schedules, property division, and spousal support will be agreed upon if it applies.

Ideally, the meetings will be scheduled in a neutral setting that allows each divorcing party to voice their concerns. The collaborative divorce California attorneys can help spouses negotiate a fair resolution. While this solution may not satisfy both parties, it will not favor either, but that’s part of a collaboration.

What Is a Divorce Mediation?

In the case of divorce mediation, the spouses will meet with a neutral divorce mediator. Since the mediator’s allegiance is to reach a fair, equitable agreement and to provide legal information, there is no bias toward either party. The mediator will encourage each to voice their requirements for what they see as a mutually agreeable end to their marriage.

The mediator often helps each spouse appreciate the other’s feelings. Hearing the other side of the story sans the emotion can lead to the give and take required in a fair and equitable divorce agreement. However, a divorce mediation doesn’t mean each party doesn’t need to seek legal representation.

Which Is Better for My Divorce Settlement?

Both processes will save the divorcing parties both time and emotional turmoil. But it’s a decision that only those involved can make. However, a Tierney Law Group attorney can listen to the details and offer advice on which path to take to a divorce that serves each party’s interest.

  • Review the couple’s custody property, and support agreement
  • Advise his respective client on the outcome
  • And when all are in agreement, prepare the documents to be presented to the divorce court.

Always consider hiring a divorce attorney in Pleasanton CA, if you plan to undergo a collaborative divorce or mediation. Call us today to have your consultation on how we can help you settle your divorce.

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