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Divorce is hard for anyone to get through. Both parties suffer when a marriage comes to an end. However, there are ways to ease the pain. If you and your spouse have always gotten along amicably, you may be able to avoid the expense and recrimination that comes with litigation. Instead of going to court to work out a divorce settlement, you can go through mediation.

Divorce mediation is a process in which a couple sits down with a neutral arbiter trained and experienced in the field. The mediator helps the couple understand their options concerning property division and child custody and support issues. The mediator acts as a guide and director of the conversation between the divorcing couple.

If you and your spouse were always good at discussing matters and solving problems, mediation may be a perfect fit for you. Rather than ending the marriage in bitterness and anger, you can come up with a result that leaves you both feeling good.

You should still retain the services of a Pleasanton CA divorce attorney. A Pleasanton CA divorce mediation attorney will ensure that the mediator you choose is fully qualified to run and manage the proceedings. Your lawyer will also ensure that you are treated fairly during the process. Whether you need one meeting or ten meetings to work everything out, your lawyer will make sure that your material interests and parental rights are protected.

Working out a divorce settlement through mediation rather than litigation will cost you about 10% of what you would spend in a court battle with your ex. It will save you from having to file motions and go through extensive investigations of your ex. You will also be saved from the mental and emotional fatigue of a trial. In short, you will preserve not only your money but your health and sanity.

You should speak to a divorce mediation attorney in Pleasanton CA at the Tierney Law Group to review your options.

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