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Divorce is difficult for anyone who goes through it. The dissolution of your marriage can spur anger, fear, frustration, and a range of other emotions. It is perfectly natural to have such feelings, but you cannot allow them to overwhelm you. If you are going through a high asset divorce, it is especially important to hire an attorney who will look out for your interests. Divorce is as much about the future as the past. Hiring a Pleasanton CA high asset divorce attorney will ensure that you get what you deserve and that you are able to maintain the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. 

California is a community property state, which means all assets acquired during the marriage must be divided equally between the two spouses. Getting this done is not always straightforward. If your spouse was the primary earner or had control of the assets and finances during your marriage, you will need to take steps to ensure all the money, property, investments, and other forms of wealth are accounted for. 

You must also ensure that each asset is accurately appraised. Any asset that accrued value during the marriage will be considered community property and will be subject to division. The Pleasanton CA divorce attorney will also bring in a forensic accounting specialist who will track down every cent that is part of the estate to ensure that everything is assessed and divided. 

Your lawyer will help you plan and execute the divorce by enduring that there is a proper division of assets and debt and that you are given the spousal and child support that you are entitled to. Indeed, the division of the estate is only the beginning of the process. Your spouse may also be liable for paying alimony; and if you have young children together, they will need to pay for their maintenance. 

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