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Should You Choose Legal Separation or Divorce?

Marriage is a serious commitment that isn’t entered into lightly. Unfortunately, couples go through difficult times and may find it best that they separate. Divorce and legal separation are very similar but have a few key differences. Legal separations are sometimes treated like divorce. Legal separation involves legal issues such as child support child custody, property ownership, and spousal support. The biggest difference between legal separation and divorce is that the marriage still stays intact. This gives couples the opportunity to decide whether they’d like to dissolve the marriage or not. If you are unsure if you want or divorce or not, consult with a legal separation attorney in Pleasanton CA. If you are looking for an experienced attorney in the Pleasanton, CA area, contact the staff at Tierney Law Group to schedule a Consultation Today.

Why Choose Legal Separation Instead of Divorce

There are many reasons a couple may choose legal separation over divorce. Religious or societal reasons play a factor in some decisions, but the leading reasons for choosing separation over divorce are either maintaining spousal benefits for the other and the family, or other legal issues regarding marriage and children. Divorces can take a while, if you have already decided the marriage is over, going through a separation to decide certain matters such as property and child custody may be ideal for the couple. If you are considering a legal separation or divorce it is important to consult a Pleasanton legal separation attorney before filing any paperwork.

What Happens in a Legal Separation

When entering a legal separation it is common for couples to use separation agreements. A separation agreement is a contract that both parties agree to abide by. This contract is legally binding in which the terms and conditions cover matters of child custody, property, assets, alimony, and other matters that would normally be considered in a divorce. If you are interested in entering a legal separation make sure you have proper representation and contact a Pleasanton legal separation lawyer today. Contact the staff at Tierney law Group for a consultation.

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