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No-fault divorces refer to cases whereby the spouse requesting the divorce is not required to prove whether their spouse did a wrong thing. Typically, a person files for a divorce based on the principle of irreconcilable differences. Therefore, the two parties simply couldn’t get along. In California, all divorces are no-fault.

The spouse who files the case is known as the petitioner, while the other spouse is called the respondent. Although there are no legal benefits of filing at first, a person may strategically have some benefits when they file at first.

Can Someone Stop a No-Fault Divorce?

If a person wants to file a divorce in California, it only takes one spouse who intends to file a divorce. Rather than delaying the case through legal maneuvering, there is not much that the other person can do if they want to stop the divorce. However, legal maneuvering may lead to attorney’s fees due to their unreasonable behavior.

Can a Divorce Case Be Concluded After Six Months?

For a divorce to become final, there is a six-month waiting period. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the case lasts automatically for six months. It is the earliest time a court issue a ruling. Besides, it also allows the couple to consider remarrying. Most cases last for more than six months. If you intend to finalize your case, you may either take your case to trial or choose to settle it. Although a person can settle their divorce case in less than six months and implement their divorce terms, the court cannot grant the ultimate divorce decree until the passing of six months, based on when the other spouse was served.

How a Divorce Lawyer CA Can Help

A Pleasanton No Fault Divorce Attorney can advise you accordingly on how to handle your case and which documents are crucial. Besides, they can also save you the hassle of court proceedings.

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