Why You Need A Paternity Test

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Tierney Law Group offers paternity attorneys in Pleasanton California who can help you establish parental rights and responsibilities for fathers in the state of California, so you can see your child. We also help mothers obtain child support from the child’s father.

Our savvy, discreet attorneys understand the complications surrounding paternity issues. We make it our highest priority to help you resolve the issue.

We offer our knowledge and experience to mothers and fathers to assist them in drafting and filing court paperwork to establish paternity. We can help you negotiate child support and visitation. Conversely, we also assist men who have unwarranted paternity lawsuits filed against them.

How Tierney Law Group Assists Fathers

When you and the child’s mother produce a child outside of marriage the law provides no presumption of paternity. You must either sign a voluntary paternity declaration or you file a parentage or paternity court case. Successfully completing this step provides you with the legal right to see your child and imbues you with financial responsibility for the child.

We also assist men who have received a court order to undergo a paternity test. You are legally required to respond to the court order and undergo a simple DNA test. Typically, it involves a swab of the inside of your cheek. The test confirms conclusively if you fathered the child. We can help you establish or deny paternity based upon the DNA test.

How Tierney Law Group Assists Mothers

Without a voluntary paternity declaration, a child’s mother requires a court order to establish paternity. The court orders the man named in the court documents to submit to a paternity test. Once paternity is established, the child’s father becomes liable for paying child support.

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