What You Need to Know About Relocation in California

Divorce proceedings become all the more complicated once children are involved. And even more so, once the custodial parent decides to move out of state. 

If you are in such a situation, it is highly recommended that you consult immediately with a Pleasanton relocation attorney. 

Relocation Laws in CA

It’s not so much that you as an adult individual is being prevented from going away, not at all. You’re free to move wherever you want, as much as you want.

The conversation becomes different altogether, though, if you intend to move with your minor child. If at the time of the process of moving, there is no final Custody Determination yet, you must file a Request of Order to either seek approval for the move or take action to stop it.  

This request is required for any move involving the child over 30 days, regardless if it’s temporary or not. You must also provide notice of your intent to move at least 45 day prior. 

Considerations in a Relocation Hearing

A relocation hearing will be held to determine whether to approve the move, based on “the best interests of the child.”

Is it going to harm the child’s relationship to the non-custodial parent? Will it impact the child’s health and safety? Is there any history of alcohol or drug abuse by either parent?

How Can A Lawyer Help

Because this is a very specialized type of case, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of a Pleasanton CA Parent Relocation attorney. Their specific knowledge about these types of cases can help you get the results you want. 

If you have plans of moving early on, it is also best that you inform your divorce attorney in Pleasanton CA at the soonest possible time. The earlier you prepare for your request to move, the better it is for you.

They can immediately start working on a strategy, as well as make sure that you meet all requirements on time.

A Pleasanton Family Law Attorney such as from Tierney Law Group is in the best position to help you get the court decision you need to make your move happen.