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November 10, 2021

Social Media and Divorce

Social media can negatively affect a person’s life. Therefore, you never allow platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to derail your divorce process. It is essential to exercise caution before posting anything. Besides, you can also seek advice from your attorney on handling your social media accounts. This article outlines the influence of social media on someone’s divorce settlement and custody arrangement.

How Social Media Affects Divorce

Generally, a judge can admit and consider information obtained through social media accounts. So, what does this mean for a person filing for a divorce? The following are some instances whereby social media can affect the divorce process based on different circumstances:

  • When a husband is claiming to be poor posts pictures of luxury cars, this raises questions about undisclosed accounts, resulting in a favorable case settlement for the wife.
  • A mum posts repetitive negative remarks about the father: this supports the father’s allegation that the mother intends to alienate the children.
  • When a husband is claiming disability to ascertain a higher spousal support payment, he posts photos when he is water skiing. This proves he has no medical issues.
  • A mother posts photos of herself partying or a kid with a beer. This type of picture indicates that the mother is unfit as a parent.

Since every situation is different, a person filing for a divorce should get specific guidance on the use of social media during their divorce process from a Pleasanton Divorce Attorney who can offer guidance during this process.

Tips for Avoiding Mistakes on Social Media

There are various ways a person can apply to avoid making social media mistakes while filing for a divorce. Obviously, one of the options is to stop making public posts. However, the judge may order the opposing party to surrender their social media passwords and logins. Since your former spouse or partner can access your information, you should consider undertaking the following precautions:

  • Live a civilized life. Avoid talking about your divorce online, and do not insult your former spouse.
  • Block your former partner or spouse. It would help if you also considered blocking mutual friends.
  • Update your password since your ex may have accessed it
  • Modify your privacy setting to prevent the public from seeing your posts.
  • Turn off check-ins and geo-tags. Do not allow the opposing Pleasanton C family law attorney to track your every move.
  • Avoid using private messages unless the content of the message can safely go public.
  • If you have any posts that can make you appear bad, delete them. Although it can be recovered, it is hard to do it.
  • If you want to search for anything online, use non-personalized accounts.
  • Consult your Pleasanton CA divorce attorney. Inform anything that you feel may delay your case or anything about your ex’s social media that you think you may use to your advantage.

How a Divorce Lawyer in CA can Help With Divorce

A person some make few mistakes when filing for a divorce. Although these mistakes may seem obvious, people post things in their accounts that can hurt them when the court examines their actions. A CA divorce attorney can offer guidance on how to prevent these mistakes and protect yourself. Besides, they can also guide you in making well-informed choices and in avoiding mistakes that can cost your money and negatively affect your kids.

Although social media has many benefits, it can also negatively influence your life. Therefore, when filing your divorce, you should take precautionary measures to search, be mindful of how you operate your social media accounts to avoid making costly mistakes and to ensure that you live a peaceful life. Contact us at Tierney Law Group today if you need advice from an experienced and reliable Pleasanton CA Divorce Lawyer.