Summer Co-Parenting Tips

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Co-parenting during the summer months can sometimes be difficult. Issues may arise where one parent feels their rights are being infringed upon. Parents should try to work together to act in the best interest of their children. Following are some summer co-parenting tips. For advice that is specific to your situation, contact a Dublin Family Law Lawyer from Tierney Law Group.

What are some summer co-parenting issues that can arise?

Because families often have vacations, family reunions, and other activities planned during the summer months, it can frequently result in custody disputes. One parent may want to have the children with them during times when they are scheduled to be with the other parent.

Children may also be involved in various summer activities, which could conflict with a parent’s custodial time. This can be especially difficult in situations where the two parents do not reside in the same location.

Because children may not be in school during the summer months, there may also be disagreement about childcare while the parents are working. This can include disagreement about who should care for the children and who is responsible for payment.

How can summer custody issues be resolved?

Following are some summer co-parenting tips to help reduce conflict and facilitate resolution:

-Communication is key. Provide prior notice of any summer plans and communicate with the other parent in a civil manner.

-Respect the other parent’s custody time. Try to avoid making plans that infringe on the other parent’s time.

-Keep the kids out of the dispute. Do not guilt the children or otherwise use them to try and get what you want.

-Look into dispute resolution options. Mediation and co-parenting counseling may be useful to help improve communication and resolve disagreements.

-Do what is best for your children. Always keep in mind that you should do what is best for your kids.

-Contact a Dublin Family Law Lawyer. An attorney can provide advice to help you with your questions.

If you have questions about child custody issues or need legal representation, contact Tierney Law Group.

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