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A guardianship is a legal means of protecting children who are in abusive or uncertain living situations. The Tierney Law Group can help family members needing assistance in this area. It is important to first understand the two principal types of guardianships available in California.

Temporary Guardianships

These arrangements can satisfy situations in which youngsters are at immediate risk. Due to the threat of physical harm, such temporary action can be granted in a short period of time. These are some examples of children requiring temporary guardianships:

  1. Abandonment by the parent or guardian
  2. Physical or sexual abuse of the child
  3. The parent has been convicted of a sexual offense or has been sentenced to prison and is unable to care for the child

Pleasanton guardianship attorneys recognize such emergency situations and can provide immediate legal assistance.

Permanent Guardianships

These arrangements obviously involve greater planning because they will involve the long-term personal, educational and medical care of a child. This type of guardianship will continue until the child reaches adulthood. It is useful in these situations:

  1. When someone other than a parent offers the best environment
  2. When neither of a child’s parents are alive

A Pleasanton family law attorney will take the time needed to work out a permanent guardianship that is in the best interests of everyone involved.

Changes in Guardianships

Temporary guardianships may become permanent arrangements. What began as a temporary arrangement through the actions of relatives or a court often last longer than originally planned. This can result from the way family relationships and other situations develop over time. Permanent arrangements may be challenged by the parents of a child. However, such objections will be overruled if it is determined that the parent is for some reason unable to care for the child. No matter the situation, a Pleasanton family lawyer from the Tierney Law Group can provide the legal assistance that is needed.

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