January 12, 2024

In search for guidance on Estate Planning and as Beneficiary of a Trust, I researched (15) Tri-Valley law firms and contacted (6).

Tierney Law Group stood out from the rest. Not only do they offer a wide range of services (from estate planning to family law, and litigation), but:

– their front line staff are personable and helpful
– access to a timely, free 15-minute consult is a breeze
– Kent is generous with his knowledge of the law, a straight-talker, and extremely personable. Unlike other attorneys, he talks to potential clients like they’re his own family/friends, and truly wants to assist where he can.

In a daunting legal environment where everyday people can feel intimidated, their interests under-represented, Tierney Law Group can offer a breath of fresh air. I found the firm on Yelp, and so wanted to write this review. Thank You, Kent and Team.