August 31, 2016

I relocated to Asia in early 2016, unfortunately, my tenant started giving me headache after spending more than $8,000 on home improvement to make him happy. I hired a property manager to take care of my tenant, but my tenant started to intimidate me. The property manager suggested me to hire a lawyer to resolve issues. Finding an attorney was not a fun thing to do overseas, I am grateful that I found Kent (kudos to Yelp!). Our communication was done via emails and phone calls (date and time were always agreed before I called up) due to the time and location differences (Asia vs. America). I can see how busy he is and how small my case was (from attorney’s point of view), however, he always responded to my emails in time and made time to talk to me over the phone. In addition, he has a menu price list, which gives me an idea how much to budget for the worse case scenario. My case was a bit complicated because both sides, tenant and landlord, did not fully understand the real estate law and contract law, it required a professional to make sure I did everything right, and my tenant had no right to do what he claimed “lawful”. The case was resolved peacefully as I wished. I want to express my gratitude for his efforts and time. With his experience and knowledge of the law, I am no longer intimidated by nonsense.