March 13, 2021

I have nothing but positive things to say. Usually, in life we hope to never find ourselves in a situation where we need a lawyer, however I could not be more grateful I found Tierney Law Group. Kent Tierney is professional, gracious, and will fight for you. When working with Kent, I could tell he is a man of integrity and could feel his genuine compassion for people. He is highly skilled in his field and I never doubted his expertise and judgement when handling my case.

Personally, I am not an expert when it comes to legal knowledge. Kent was very patient, walked me through each step of the process, and made things clear and concise. He was always welcoming and never made me feel foolish for asking questions or for want I needed. He was honest and provided me with reasonable expectations and peace of mind throughout. In the end, Tierney Law Group resolved my case to my complete satisfaction with less stress and pain than I ever would have expected. Before hiring Tierney Law Group, I absolutely dreaded having to get a lawyer. Now, I cannot imagine a smoother process. I cannot thank Kent Tierney and his team enough for how they handled my case!