Visitation Issues Covered by Mediation

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If you are in the midst of a divorce or dissolution, it is not a fun place to be. It is hard no matter which way you look at it and it can be even more difficult for the children involved. This is the reason that child custody mediation is very important in divorce proceedings.

What is Divorce Mediation California?

Divorce mediation in California is designed to assist partners going through a child custody dispute, divorce, or dissolution. A mediator can be appointed by the court to help a couple come to mutual agreements on a variety of issues, including child custody, visitation with children, and child support. The mediator can also help with other issues, such as property disputes and alimony, but the most important agreement to work out first is the one that will most benefit the children involved in the situation. A divorce mediator can also be obtained privately by a couple experiencing a break-up, even before a divorce is filed.

What Is Child Custody Mediation?

Mediation in general is considered to be an alternative dispute resolution process and has become increasingly more common when it comes to divorce proceedings. Child custody mediation is created specifically to assist divorcing or unmarried parents experiencing a custody dispute come to an agreement on the physical and legal custody of their children without having to go through an expensive and painful court proceeding.

during a child mediation session, the two partners will meet with a mediator that has been trained specifically for this type of situation. It’s usually done in a more informal setting, such as the mediator’s office, or even online through something like Zoom or Skype. The mediator is simply a guide that helps the couple navigate through the issues that they are disagreeing with. Your attorney may help you prepare for mediation or even provide a private coach for the negotiation process so that you will be more prepared when you go to court. Mediation allows the parents of children to attempt to come to agreements that will work best for their children without the court getting involved and making the decision for them.

Visitation Issues Covered by Mediation

There are many issues that can be addressed during child custody mediation. One of these is child visitation issues. A mediator can help a couple determine who will have legal and physical custody of the child or children involved. The mediator will help determine how the other parent will visit with the child or children and how that will play out.

For example, if a child has medical issues and needs certain medications or even certain adjustments made at each home to accommodate them, both parents will have to agree to make this happen no matter where they live for their child. The mediator can work out how often visitation will occur, where it will occur, and how long it will occur.

A mediator can also help determine child support and who will pay it. In today’s world, many couples are ending up agreeing upon some type of shared parenting agreement and in many of those cases, no one pays the other one child support. A mediator can be a very helpful resource not only for the parents involved, but the children also since they can help determine what is in the best interest of the child or children.

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