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Ending a marriage is a difficult legal process that can be more stressful and complex than many people initially expect. If you are planning to divorce, it is vital to know what this process involves and the value of having an experienced Livermore divorce lawyer representing you. Divorce can be a very expensive incident and affect your life in multiple ways for years to come. We can help you approach this situation with confidence and peace of mind.

Legal Counsel for Divorce in Livermore, CA

The attorneys at the Tierney Law Group have successfully guided many past clients through difficult divorce cases in Livermore and surrounding communities. We know the various challenges you might encounter in the dissolution process, and you need a legal advocate you trust to help you navigate the situation as seamlessly as possible. Our goal in every divorce case is to help our client achieve an agreeable outcome as efficiently as we can.

The state enforces strict laws pertaining to the various aspects of divorce, and while some elements of this process may appear straightforward, the reality is that any divorce can escalate into an emotionally charged legal battle in which you will need an experienced advocate you trust. We have helped many clients in Livermore navigate the family court system, and we are ready to leverage this experience for you.

Elements of a Divorce in Livermore

Divorce is more than just legally ending a marriage. It is also a formal process of dividing the couple’s shared assets in accordance with state law and determining custody and support of their children if they have children together. Every divorce is unique and will involve various issues, but the most common elements of divorce in Livermore include:

  • Property division. The state follows the community property law, meaning all marital property must be divided evenly between divorcing spouses. This requires a complete and accurate financial disclosure from both spouses and for each spouse to identify the separate property they intend to keep.
  • Child support and child custody. If divorcing spouses have children, the court must resolve child custody and child support by determining what would suit the best interests of the children. The judge overseeing the case must assess various factors, including the income and work schedule of each parent, the children’s preferences, and the living arrangements the parents can provide for their children.
  • Spousal support or alimony. When one divorcing spouse earns more than the other, spousal support could come into play, and the higher-earning spouse will need to make regular payments to the lower-earning spouse following divorce. The amount of each payment will vary based on the difference between their incomes, and the time that payments must continue will depend on how long the marriage lasted.

Divorce can be a lengthy and stressful issue, but it is also possible to streamline a divorce case in various ways. Your Livermore divorce lawyer can help you determine the optimal path to resolving your divorce as efficiently as possible, assist you in identifying the various challenges and opportunities you face, and guide you through the various procedural requirements you will need to meet to complete the dissolution process in Livermore.


How Does Community Property Work in a Livermore Divorce?

In a Livermore divorce, community property division requires a divorcing couple to submit all their financial records and evenly divide all the marital property they jointly own. Each spouse will be allowed to keep their respective separate property, such as inheritance left only to them, gifts, and property they owned prior to marrying. It is essential for both of the spouses to provide complete and accurate financial disclosure statements for this process.

Can I Resolve My Divorce Privately?

It is possible to resolve some aspects of divorce privately. Many divorcing couples in Livermore and throughout the state explore alternative dispute resolution to save time and money on their divorce, but only certain issues may be resolved in this manner. If the couple has children, child custody and child support must be determined by a family court judge who can ensure the agreement suits the best interests of their children.

How Long Does Divorce Take to Complete in Livermore?

The time that divorce could take to complete in Livermore largely depends on the overall complexity of the case, whether the spouses are willing to negotiate in alternative dispute resolution, and whether they have children together. All divorces are subject to a mandatory six-month waiting period, so the absolute fastest that a divorce can be completed in the state is six months from the date the divorce petition is filed with the court.

Why Do I Need a Livermore Divorce Lawyer?

You need a Livermore divorce lawyer if you want to be sure of a fair and reasonable outcome in your divorce. Do not assume that you can successfully navigate this process on your own. Your attorney can help you gather all the documentation and financial records you will need to produce for the court, meet all the procedural obligations that your case entails, and assist you in addressing any unforeseen complications that arise as efficiently as possible.

Do I Need to Resolve My Divorce With Litigation?

You may need to resolve your divorce with litigation under certain conditions. If the marriage involves any history of domestic violence, if either you or your spouse are unwilling to negotiate in alternative dispute resolution, or if either spouse refuses to comply with financial disclosure, the case will need to be resolved in litigation. Additionally, child custody and support must be determined by a family court judge in all divorce cases.

The team at the Tierney Law Group, PC, has years of professional experience representing Livermore area clients in divorce. We are confident in our ability to fluently address the unique issues your case presents. Once you secure our representation,we can listen to your story and help you build the foundation of your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Livermore divorce lawyer to learn how we can help you.

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