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woman with his son holding dollar banknotes on wooden tableOur Child Support and Spousal Support attorneys provide comprehensive representation for individuals pursuing support as well as those facing obligations. We understand California’s guidelines for determining support and provide straightforward guidance based on each client’s unique situation. We understand that circumstances can change almost overnight, preventing individuals from fulfilling their obligations.

Support Attorneys

Child support in California is determined using a guideline calculator, which takes many factors into consideration. We have extensive experience reviewing these factors and providing realistic expectations to our clients.

Spousal support is divided into temporary and permanent support. Temporary support can be received for the time between the filing of your divorce petition and its finalization. It is calculated using a computer program (Dissomaster). Our attorneys have extensive experience with the systems used in California Courts to determine support. Our firm can assess your situation based on the same information and criteria judges use. We also understand that some individuals may require permanent support. The court evaluates several factors in determining whether permanent support is warranted and how much.

Modification & Enforcement

Court orders in relation to support can be modified or changed. You can modify child and spousal support when you or your ex-spouse experiences substantial changes in circumstances. There may also be situations where you may need assistance enforcing court orders for child support or spousal support. Our law firm represents individuals pursuing contempt charges as well as those facing contempt. Without diligent guidance, you could be subjected to criminal implications for not complying with your orders.

Department of Child Support Services

We have helped individuals bring forth child support litigation by opening cases with the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). When a case is opened with the DCSS, by law it is taken out of family court and placed with a commissioner who hears the case and uses guideline calculators to determine support. These cases can be complex, requiring a skilled and experienced lawyer.

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