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January 14, 2022

According to the 2011 U.S. Census, approximately 10.3 percent of marriages are second marriages. In addition, 5.2 percent of married people are in their third or more marriages. In addition, 91 percent of those remarriages are a result of dissolution prior to marriage. Only 9 percent were following the death of the person’s spouse. 

Because of this high percentage of remarriages, many second and third marriages include children from a prior relationship. Remarriage can be adversely affected by issues due to co-parenting, child support, and alimony. The Tierney Law Group can help if your new marriage is being plagued by any of these issues. 

How Divorce Affects a Remarriage in CA

Divorce affects more people than the two married parties. Divorce is associated with serious hardships, not only financial but also emotional.  Even an uncontested divorce can be difficult. That is why you need the assistance of a Pleasanton uncontested divorce attorney

If this divorce is a remarriage, now the emotions of possibly more children are involved. Any mutual children the couple shares, as well as the step-children, are affected. Child custody can become a tricky thing if your children (from the first marriage) have become attached to their new “parent”. 

A Pleasanton Divorce Mediation attorney can help figure out an amicable visitation schedule between the step-children and their new step-parent. Mediation only works for couples who are able to communicate well and work together. The Pleasanton divorce attorney will attempt to mediate the case to prevent a long, costly divorce litigation trial. 

Paying Alimony and/or Child Support

When the final divorce decree is signed and stamped by the court both parties are able to get remarried. However, certain parts of the divorce settlement may have an effect on your new marriage. One of the biggest issues is being ordered to pay alimony or child support. 

The new spouse might not appreciate that some of your personal income is allotted to a former spouse. A new marriage will likely affect the order for spousal support; therefore, a Pleasanton divorce lawyer could have it modified. 

To get your divorce order modified, you need to contact a divorce attorney Pleasanton residents trust. The Tierney Law Group can address your request for a modification and explain the options. There are two options for modifying a divorce court order. The option you decide on will be based on the kind of relationship you and your ex have. Both parties can mutually come up with a new agreement and have your attorneys incorporate it into the divorce decree. Or, you can petition the court to alter the original decree. If you and your ex aren’t able to come to an agreement on your own, then you’ll have to petition the court. 

Handling Child Custody

A new marriage doesn’t normally affect the child custody arrangement unless the new spouse does something to harm the child. In this case, the other parent can request a modification or the original order for custody. 

In some cases, child custody orders need to be modified at the request of the child. Perhaps at the time of divorce, the child wasn’t old enough to state which parent they lived with. Now the child is older, and the order needs to be modified to accommodate this need. 

How Your Attorney can Help

If you are planning on getting remarried following your divorce, make sure to contact a Pleasanton uncontested divorce lawyer. To discuss an alteration in divorce mediation Pleasanton CA residents contact the Tierney Law Group

Give us a call today, at 925-362-3364, or visit us online and try our live chat option. We can help you modify your current divorce agreement to ensure your second marriage lasts.