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April 20, 2021

How to make Modifications to Child Support

Every year, countless couples in this country get a divorce or break off a relationship that had children involved. By law, every state has certain mandates and laws regarding such issues as child custody arrangements and child support payment agreements. Many parents wonder how to make modifications to their current child support arrangements according to an experienced Pleasanton CA family law attorney.           

Why There Are Child Support Laws in Every State Now

The goal of these laws is to protect the younger minor children that must suffer if one parent does not pull their fair weight. The courts will always look out for the best interest of the children if parents disagree on childcare related expenses. However, situations can change, and it is possible to make modifications to an existing child support court-ordered agreement if it is done in the proper legal manner. A respected divorce attorney in Pleasanton CA urges parents in this situation to contact a local attorney skilled in family related legal matters.           

How to Handle Child Related Expenses if a Divorce Is Amicable

As the court systems continue to be busy with cases having to wait long months and years to schedule a trial or other legal proceeding, more judges are urging parents getting a divorce to try to resolve their child related matters outside of the courtroom if at all possible states a knowledgeable divorce attorney in Pleasanton CA.

There can be mediation sessions where the two parents try to work out the finer details of childcare and expenses or child support with an attorney acting as a mediator. This is usually a faster, less stressful and less costly approach when this can be accomplished in a civil and calm fashion.

What Circumstances Could Qualify for Child Support Modification?

A dedicated Pleasanton CA divorce lawyer offers the following list of possible qualifying situations that could lead to a child support modification hearing. These include:

  • Getting Laid Off or Fired from a Job
  • Family Size Changes
  • Your Income or the Other Parent’s Income Changes Higher or Lower
  • You Develop a Disability
  • A Parent Goes to Prison
  • Child Custody Arrangements Change
  • A Parent Gets Deployed for Active Military Combat or Service
  • One Parent Gets a Second Job or Acquires Valuable Property

It is crucial for the parent required to pay child support to keep their payments current and notify the courts or the other parent of the change in your specific situation. There are other circumstances that could change how much one parent has to pay in child support as well.

Consider Speaking with a Caring Child Support Attorney from Pleasanton

Talking with an attorney with a strong background in family law can help prevent some of the serious consequences should your child support payments lesson or are not being paid on time. There is a capable Pleasanton CA child support attorney able to help give sound legal counsel regarding child support and other related legal issues.

What Proof Documentation Should You Have Prior to a Child Support Hearing?

A longtime child support attorney in Pleasanton CA recommends gathering the necessary documents that can prove your current changes before the hearing date. These proof documents include:

  • Childcare Expenses
  • Job or Other Income
  • Disability Status & Medical Proof
  • Retirement Income
  • Valuable Property Documentation
  • Prison Status
  • Medical Insurance Coverage

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