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March 27, 2020

Many times when couples are involved in a divorce, one spouse may make false accusations against the other. Whether these involve child abuse, domestic violence, or other situations, they should never be taken lightly. Even though you know you are innocent, authorities and others don’t. As a result, you could face many questions and even criminal charges. Should you have false abuse claims made against you, rely on the advice of a Pleasanton divorce and family law attorney from the Tierney Law Group.

Gather Evidence

If your spouse is exhibiting erratic and troublesome behavior that results in the false abuse claims against you, always attempt to gather as much evidence as possible to bolster your case. Whether this involves video recordings of their behavior or threats being made against you, getting witness statements, or other types of evidence, do as much as possible to show yourself in the best possible light.

Let Others Know Your Concerns

Once these false abuse claims are made against you, others may mistakenly believe your spouse. If this happens, you may find yourself unable to visit your children or others who are near and dear to you. Along with this, some people may be coerced into testifying against you in court, which could lead to additional problems. By being proactive and letting others know what is really going on, you position yourself to come out on top in the end.

Hire an Attorney

Since police and prosecutors sometimes get overly zealous in their pursuit of abuse claims, always hire an attorney as quickly as possible once these allegations are made against you. By doing so, you can get expert advice as to how you should proceed.

To make sure false abuse claims do not eventually ruin your life, schedule a consultation today with a Pleasanton divorce and family law attorney from the Tierney Law Group.