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May 08, 2020

Most people view a contract as an agreement between two people that details how they will handle a shared situation. When they agree to the terms of the contract, it is signed and is put into effect. Though it seems straightforward, contractual agreements are far more complex and signing one without the proper knowledge can create a host of issues. Before entering an agreement, it is imperative to have an attorney review the contract. Real estate lawyers in Pleasanton CA help clients who are involved in all matters pertaining to acquiring a new property. 

Avoiding Contract Disputes

When you are preparing to sign a contract, you have to know what each term means to understand your responsibilities in the agreement. The attorneys at Tierney Law Group assist clients by reviewing the terms of the contract and thoroughly explaining them. An attorney will let you know your role in the agreement, what you must do if you want to change any part of the contract, and if it is possible to terminate the contract. The choice to manage this aspect of your real estate endeavor can lead to disputes with the other party. 

Real estate lawyers in Pleasanton CA will help to avoid those disputes and answer questions based on how the law dictates these matters should be decided. In addition to a review of the contract, an attorney will ensure that every other action related to the contract is legally compliant, including what each party has agreed what will happen before and after the contract has been signed. If one party wants to make a change to the contract, both parties have to agree on it before it can be added. 

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