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Fiduciary Duty And Real Estate

November 20, 2020

At some point, most individuals will need to move for personal, professional, or health reasons. When such occasions arise, realtors are often employed to help them sell their old house and complete the purchase of a new residence.  Civil law considers real estate transactions significant endeavors and places a heavy responsibility on those performing said […]

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Issue Purchasing a House? Why You Need a Lawyer

May 15, 2020

If you are purchasing a home and have run into legal issues, it is in your best interest to consult with and retain the finest real estate attorney in Pleasanton CA – the Tierney Law Group. Real estate transactions are complex and the contracts themselves contain terms and conditions that may be wholly unfamiliar to […]

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When Mediation Could Work For Our Real Estate Case

April 24, 2020

Whether you have purchased property or are having a dispute regarding repairs that need to be made to an existing property, it is likely you may be considering taking the matter to court. However, should you select this option, it will be costly as well as time-consuming. To avoid this scenario, mediation may be a […]

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Community Property and Quit Claim Deeds: The Issue of Transmutation of Marital Property

June 15, 2019

Community Property and Quit Claim Deeds: The Transmutation of Marital Property Community Property & Quit Claim Deeds – how does they effect the characterization of property in divorce cases? Quitclaim deeds are used for a variety of purposes in real estate. Commonly, an individual is added or removed from the title. When property is transferred […]

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Unlawful Detainer Stay of Execution Due to Hardship Under CCP §918 in California

October 09, 2018

Unlawful Detainer Stay of Execution Due to Hardship In California, a landlord who wins an eviction case (unlawful detainer) and receives a judgment for possession of the property must act immediately to enforce the judgment by obtaining a Writ of Possession. Depending on county sheriff processing times, the time from obtaining a judgment for possession […]

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Dual agency under scrutiny: UPDATE – Horiike v Coldwell Banker

April 09, 2017

California Supreme Court clarifies the fiduciary duty of seller’s agent in dual agency transactions In 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1171 requiring real estate brokers and their salespeople to disclose when they are acting as dual agents (representing both sides in a commercial real estate transaction), and what duties they owe clients. […]